Foundation Week Five

Day 1: Can you wear every piece of clothing you own all at one time?
Day 2: Build a fort or shelter that would impress your childhood self.
Day 3: Make your own mask/Make your own suit.
Day 4: Build a scene/collage using your clothing as the primary material.
Day 5: Research your favorite article of clothing.

My favorites clothing is Gucci Ghost series.

In gucci’s autumn / winter 2016 ready-to-wear collection, a series of graffiti-style items that are not “old-fashioned luxury goods” grabbed the attention of most fashionable victims. These graffiti items all come from the hand of a street artist called “Gucci Ghost”. The original name is Trevor Andrew (stage name is Trouble Andrew). Gucci Ghost was originally known as the spoof Gucci classic double G logo. Notorious “to the Gucci brand headquarters.

And Trevor Andrew himself said that this kind of spoof is more from his love for Gucci. When he was a rebellious young man, the first pot of gold Trevor earned from skateboarding was used to buy a Gucci watch. .

Subsequently, Trevor’s little ghost + double G logo pattern became his iconic pattern, which appeared on clothes and graffiti walls on the street.A series of graffiti items were brought to the show, adding more vitality to this veteran.

Day 6: Portrait Day!

This unusual portrait is inspired by Russel Powell. (Nice name haha.

Here’s is his original piece. ↓

Foundation week four

Prompt 1: Write a letter giving advice to your future self
Prompt 2: Conceptualize, Design, & Document your Pandemic Aesthetic
Prompt 3: Interview someone you haven’t talked to in a while.
Prompt 4: Exquisite COLAB
Prompt 5: Using a window as your blank canvas, create shapes and symbols that interact with the outside world.
Prompt 6: Go outside, draw a line and record it as far as you can.

I don’t wanna go outside. I tried to draw an earth in one line. It’s the farest distance I can draw.

Foundation Week Two

Assignment 1: Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Assignment 2: Colors Organized Neatly

• Monochrome

Blue is the warmest color.

Full spectrum

Assignment 3: Color Research

My color is Ultramarine. Is sooo lucky cuz it’s my fav color!!!!!!

RGB (0, 47, 167)
CMYK (98, 84, 0, 0)
HSV (223., 100%, 65%)
N: Normalised [ 0-255 ]

This color called international Klein Blue (or IKB) . This is absolutely my favorite color. I bought many album of Klein before. I also been to another city just because there was a gallery of Klein Blue.

Some pics of that gallery

In 1947, Yves Klein and his friends were lying on the beaches of Nice, and they were choosing how to “divide up the world.” Klein wanted to sign his name in the sky and use blue sky as his work.

Klein was so enamored with blue that he even learned to sail. When he first saw the Atlantic Ocean, he poured a bottle of blue paint into the sea and shouted, “The Atlantic Ocean is bluer than the Mediterranean!”

Klein once jumped from the window on the second floor to the mattress that the assistant prepared for him. He wanted to experience the feeling of flying and weightlessness, which he called “falling into the void”. This synthetic performance art photo was published in a newspaper by himself under the heading “ A man in the Space! The painter of the Space throws himself into the Void! ”

“Blue is sky, water, air, depth and infinity, freedom and life, and blue is the most essential color of the universe.”-Yves Klein

Assignment 4: Artist Research

Agnes Bernice Martin
Agnes Bernice Martin

The artist assigned to me is Agnes Bernice Martin. a Canadian-born American abstract painter. Her work has been defined as an “essay in discretion on inward-ness and silence”.

Martin’s early works used more graphite materials on paper. Brown red or dark gray are the colors she often chose, and the pictures are mostly interwoven grids. The lines of the pencil fill the screen like nerve endings, bringing a slight sense of urgency; the constant intertwining of horizontal and vertical lines causes the rhythm to transcend the constraints of the grid space, like a sigh of sigh after the tight. Martin is obsessed with removing colors and simplifying the drawings. The Zen philosophy in her paintings has a lasting force that makes me fascinated.

Week 6

This week we are going to rehearse our performance in front of the class. All we have to do is visualize the script and our ideas. We feel that there must be a major element in our performance. So we wanted to use cotton threads to express my relationship with Christal, my love and pressure for Christal, and the psychological harm of Christal. We decided to perform back and forth in various places in the class: because stalking does not have an exact location. At the beginning of the show, I was holding a ball of cotton in my hand, and at this time Christal’s feet had been wrapped with some black cotton. It means that I have stalled Christal from the beginning. In the contacts that followed, I tangled in Christal more and more, representing the increase and accumulation of my feelings and pressure on her. At the same time, as she wanders around, she will receive my text. These texts are represented by cardboard. At the end of the show, Christal was covered with cotton, and she fell to the ground to represent death.

Then we have to start thinking about how to perform our performance in front of the public and record it in the form of video. We performed many times in different places, and finally cut out clips from various places together to form a short video. This video contains a variety of times and scenes, which just meet our needs-stalking regardless of time and place.

We really made a big attempt. What we want to express is: perform our performance directly in front of passersby, and informally tell them what we want to do or what they need to do. Because stalking is a very daily thing, it is integrated into our daily life. However, there are times when passers-by will be scared by us, and we will explain to them later. Many passers-by will express weirdness when we perform, and this is what we want: when people face stalking, they also have to have strange reactions, instead of feeling it is normal.

The whole performance was very smooth, and the cooperation between the three of us was harmonious and smooth. The most thankful thing is Christal, because she was asked to run back and forth in a white dress in the winter night, and finally fell on the snow. I was really touched by her contribution to the homework and thought it was worth learning.

After playing stalker a few times seriously, I also have some gains. As a normal person, I see christal when playing stalker, and I feel more regretful. I am deeply sorry for the harm she has caused. But while thinking so, I also know that the real stalkers don’t think about the victims’ thoughts, they are more selfish. It’s always like this-people with problems put their emotions on others and let innocent people bear them. And these innocent people obviously did nothing wrong. Everyone’s view of love is different, but when a relationship goes bad and hurts others, what we have to do should stop it.

What exactly do stalkers want? Toxic feelings are always difficult to explain. Such feelings vary from person to person. Some stalkers just enjoy this feeling of harm to the victims, while others really feel that it is romantic and right to do so. No matter what kind of reasons, or other reasons, they should be stopped in time. The victim knew that they was stalked, and they must tell the people around them to go to comfront stalker together. As relatives and friends, you also need to pay attention to such things. Stalking is toxic and wrong. It is not romantic, nor is it a casual thing, but it should be taken seriously.

Thanks to this final project for giving me this opportunity to play this role or learn about related things. I also hope that my performance can make people take awareness of stalking and be affected. Then everything I do is worth it.

this is the documentation of the work of this week. Thanks for your time. 🙂

Week 5

This assignment is to act as a method of communication. I chose to play as a reminder for some apps. I usually turn off those reminders, except for some chat software. Sometimes, when I take a nap, those reminders will sound continuously and affect my sleep. But I can’t turn them off. This often annoys me.

In this video assignment, I restored some daily life scenes. I asked my roommate, Chloe, to play as myself. She was lying on my bed, pretending to take a nap. And I act as a message reminder for those apps. In the video, she originally slept comfortably, but was repeatedly affected by the message reminder, and finally could not bear it and shouted. This is a restoration of my daily scene.

What kind of communication does the message reminder represent? I think this is a kind of communication between software companies and customers. This is a new type of communication peculiar to the new technology era, which is spread through vision and sound. Each such exchange can make the relationship between the customer and the company closer-if there is no message prompt, the user may forget the software. If the software always sends out message reminders, although users may get bored with it sometimes, they will be impressed with the software. In summary, this is a very complicated state and problem. But in summary, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Another assignment this week is thinking about a script with Christal and Chloe. The script will be performed in public. I saw a poster about stalker in powell before, and I have recently watched film and television works on related topics, so we decided to make a stalker-related script.

The main content of our script is probably: I play stalker, Christal plays a girl who is be stalked. I started stalking her at the beginning, but only followed silently at the beginning. After a collision, I walked into her daily life. I sat next to her while she was eating to observe her diet. I knew her home address and sent her a gift without her knowing it. After she received the gift, she became aware of my presence and began to feel uneasy. So she tried to contact her good friend-Chloe. After Chloe met her, she revealed Chloe that she was stalked by me. However, Chloe didn’t think it was a very important thing, so she comforted her and said nothing, and left. friend’s distrust made Christal even more frustrated, and I became even more angry when I knew she told Chloe about stalking her, and I got closer and closer to her, and I became more courageous. Then Christal gradually collapsed, and I pressed harder. At the end, Christal died tragically, and I went to her and stared at her.

There are three main points in this performance:

1. text. Text message is an important communication method in stalking. Many times the victims will receive text messages from strange numbers, try to chat with them, or harass. During the performance, Christal will receive my text at different time periods, and her reaction to text will become more and more intense over time. The seemingly simple text actually causes a great psychological shadow to the victim.

2. Distrust of friends. In the script, a big cause of Christal’s collapse is Chloe’s distrust. Victims always lose their sense of security after being stalked. At this time, people who they trust need to help them out of the shadows. However, if a friend or family member does not react to the stalking at this time, the victim will be more injured, feel lonely, and collapse.

3. The end of tragedy. Often the end of tragedy is more impressive. stalking is not a dramatic thing, but a daily event that really appears around you. This kind of thing often does not have a good good ending like that in the movie. The reality is cruel, the fragility of the victims, the incomprehension of relatives and friends, the persistence of stalker, and various factors often have terrible consequences. There are too many cases of victims, and the results are very bad. I hope that everyone can pay attention to staking. This is not a romantic novel plot, but a very horrible thing that can affect a person.

This is the documentation of the works of this week. Thanks for your time. 🙂


This week we started making our banner. For some reason, we decided to paint the color of the fabric with acrylic. Both the black background and the white villain are painted in acrylic. We also stepped directly on the footprints of one of the flags with acrylic.

I haven’t tried a sewing machine for a long time. When I was young, I used to watch grandma use sewing machines to help me mending clothes. It’s so kind to see the sewing machine again after many years. Christal taught me how to use a sewing machine in detail and I learned a lot. The use of a sewing machine will also help me a lot. I enjoyed the whole production process, not only the basic sewing, but also the use of sewing machines. The cooperation with Christal can always be described by perfection: we have unexpected tacit understanding, and respect and discuss each other. Efficiency is always fast and the process of doing homework is easy. If possible, I hope to have more cooperation with her.

This is the documentation of my works of this week. Thanks for your time. 🙂


This week we start to learn sewing and start to make our flag.

I haven’t tried sewing for several years. I really like figure man for some unknown reason, so I sewed a figure man.

And then I sewed a mask on it which matches the draft of our flag.

But then we change our idea. We decide to make a flag which is about school bullying.

This is the front side of our flag.

This is the back side of our flag.

School bullying refers to the bullying and oppression with unequal power among students.
School bully events are happening all over the world, which could give students who are being hurt not only a physical hurt, but also a psychological hurt. Once as a victim of campus violence, I deeply know the harm caused by campus violence to students. These injuries do not fade easily with time. On the contrary, they often stay with students’ growth, leave psychological shadow in their hearts, and become a part of their body.
We should do our part, do what we can do, to reduce and prevent the occurrence of school bullying. So as art students, we designed a flagabout school bullying. We want to hang the flag on campus, letting it act as a warning to students in school.

The design of the figure

We tried to simplify the design of the figure as much as possible, not only to make the flag look simple and clear, but also to emphasize that the occurrence of school bullying won’t influence by the difference of gender, race and region. In this way, the simple design can make the cover wider.

The design of the footprint

We made the footprints different in orientation and the degree of the darkness and lightness to express the diversity of school buying and the different degrees of harm caused to students. Besides, The same shape of all the footprints can show the commonness and similarities of school bullying.

The combination of colors

We used black, white, and grey as the colors of flag. Instead of colorful colors, black and white can give the best description of school bullying, for it always has negative influence of students’ life. We want to express the seriousness and darkness of school violence through color.

This is the documentation of my work of this week. Thanks for your time. 🙂


Due: At 8:00 am on Monday February 3rd.

This week we start to make a flag. We think that we can have a flag which contain some information that we wanna show it to the public.

We have two idea:
1. Wearing mask because of the flu
2. Wearing warm in this cold weather.

I firstly drew some sketches about the look of flags.

Then Christal and I started to draw a proposal about our flag.

This is the one which is about wearing warm. We drew a figure man with a hat and scarf to make it feeling warm. And the color of the scarf we chose yellow and purple, the color of AU.

This is the one which is about wearing mask. Flu is really serious and popular these days so we really hope that everyone can pay attention on the personal health.

This is the documentation of my work of this week. Thanks for your time. 🙂